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    Sensational Exhibition of Pharaoh’s Treasure: A Journey into Tutankhamun’s World

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    The extraordinary exhibition showcasing the remarkable discovery of Pharaoh Tutankhamun’s treasure, faithfully reconstructed just as Howard Carter found it a century ago, can only be visited until June 25, 2023. Such an exhibition will not reappear in Poland for several years, making this the final opportunity for visitors to witness the exceptional artifacts displayed at the Warsaw exhibition. The entire showcase has been conceived as a perfect reconstruction under the supervision of world-renowned archaeologists, with the participation of hundreds of Egyptian artists who meticulously crafted the exquisite replicas.

    Due to the immense interest not only from the general public but also educational institutions, the exhibition has been extended until June 25, 2023. The discovery of the tomb in 1922 was a true sensation, and the exhibition faithfully replicates Howard Carter’s original findings from 100 years ago. Moreover, visitors have the unique opportunity to touch some of the exhibits, which is particularly appreciated by children. Accompanying workshops have been prepared for them, offering not only new knowledge but also an enjoyable experience.

    Pharaoh Tutankhamun remains shrouded in many mysteries. In his tomb, the mummies of two children were discovered, along with a strand of his grandmother’s hair. Through the use of state-of-the-art DNA testing and computer tomography, the exhibition unravels more than 3,000 years of familial ties, such as the fact that the pharaoh’s wife was also his half-sister. Tutankhamun’s father, referred to as the heretical pharaoh Akhenaten, and his reign marked by political and religious turmoil, brought about the downfall of the Egyptian empire when Tutankhamun was just eight years old. Therefore, the world’s most famous pharaoh, Tutankhamun, was meant to be hidden forever, with his name erased. Fortunately, it was the young adventurer and archaeologist Howard Carter who believed in his existence, and it is his thrilling story of discovery that visitors will be able to experience at this spectacular exhibition.

    The exhibits are displayed exactly as they were found by Howard Carter 100 years ago. No other museum in the world offers such an authentic experience. The flawless craftsmanship of the Egyptian artisans shines through the precise presentation of nearly the entire golden treasure of the pharaoh. The exhibition features not only exquisite jewelry, amulets, and three golden coffins but also a stone sarcophagus, the pharaoh’s golden throne, alabaster canopic jars, and a golden chariot. Throughout the exhibition, visitors will be guided by an entertaining audio guide, while younger attendees can follow a dedicated children’s path, and students will have workbook activities. At the end of the exhibition, delightful souvenirs await, along with the opportunity to see Tutankhamun’s world in virtual reality.

    This sensational exhibition of Pharaoh Tutankhamun’s treasure offers a once-in-a-lifetime chance to delve into the ancient Egyptian civilization and witness the grandeur of a bygone era. Don’t miss the opportunity to embark on this mesmerizing journey before it vanishes from Poland’s cultural landscape for years to come.

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