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    Śląsk Song and Dance Ensemble: 70 Years of Cultural Excellence

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    The renowned Śląsk Song and Dance Ensemble commemorated its remarkable 70th anniversary with a grand performance at Warsaw’s prestigious National Theatre. The event not only showcased their talent but also brought forth esteemed honors.

    Distinguished Recognitions

    During the concert, the ensemble was presented with the esteemed Golden Medal “Zasłużony Kulturze Gloria Artis” by the Minister of Culture, recognizing their significant contributions to Polish cultural heritage. Additionally, the ensemble’s director, Zbigniew Cierniak, received the Order of Rebirth of Poland from the President, acknowledging his outstanding leadership and dedication.

    A Proud Ambassador of Polish Culture

    In a letter read by Presidential Minister Andrzej Dera, President Andrzej Duda conveyed his heartfelt congratulations to the ensemble, hailing them as one of the most distinguished ambassadors of Polish culture worldwide. He expressed gratitude on behalf of generations of Poles, recognizing the ensemble’s ability to stir emotions and evoke a sense of national pride with their performances.

    Continuous Success and Recent Awards

    Director Zbigniew Cierniak expressed his deep gratitude and reflected on the fruitful seven-decade journey of the Śląsk ensemble. He proudly announced that the group received two prestigious awards at this year’s Fryderyk Music Awards. The accolades included Album of the Year in the Roots Music category and Artistic Group/Project of the Year in collaboration with Miuosh, making them the sole cultural institution in Poland to receive such recognition.

    From Inaugural Performance to Global Reach

    Since their inaugural performance on November 6, 1954, at Warsaw’s Mirowska Hall, the Śląsk ensemble has captivated audiences worldwide with their vibrant vocal harmonies, traditional dances, and captivating orchestral arrangements. Their repertoire features folk music and dances from various regions of Poland, and they have performed in 44 countries across five continents. With over 8,000 concerts and more than 26 million viewers, the ensemble has become a symbol of Polish culture and identity.

    In conclusion, the Śląsk Song and Dance Ensemble’s 70th anniversary celebration was a testament to their excellence and significant contributions to Polish culture. Through their performances and international acclaim, they continue to inspire audiences and proudly represent Poland on the global stage.

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