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    Slowdown in the Housing Market

    The number of mortgage loans granted by banks is decreasing, and there is also less activity in housing sale offers, reports “Puls Biznesu” today.

    “Since the beginning of 2024, there has been a monthly decline in credit activity, according to BIK data. Since April alone, the number of loans granted has decreased by approximately 1,600, and their value by 657 million PLN,” the article reads.

    “In May, banks granted nearly 15,000 housing loans worth 6.21 billion PLN, which compared to April represents a decrease of about 9.5% in both cases,” commented Otodomu expert Ilona Łyżczarz, according to the daily.

    Additionally, the number of housing searches decreased by 7% year-on-year in May.

    “According to analysts, the lower demand may be due to expectations for the introduction of a new government subsidy program, which according to announcements from the Ministry of Development and Technology should launch in the second half of the year,” the newspaper emphasizes.

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