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    Snowy Armageddon Strikes Across the Country

    As winter takes a fierce hold, roads across the country are blanketed in heavy snow, prompting meteorologists to issue warnings about severe snowfall, sleet, and icy roads. For the latest weather updates and the most affected areas, refer to IMGW’s forecast before traveling.

    Nationwide Cloud Cover with Heavy Snowfall Predicted

    Expect widespread cloud cover on Saturday, accompanied by heavy snow and sleet. Southern regions may receive up to 25 cm of snow, with temperatures ranging between -4 to 4 degrees Celsius, according to the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management.

    Saturday’s forecast includes extensive cloud cover nationwide. The north may experience sporadic snow and sleet, while the south anticipates heavier snowfall. Areas like Southern Silesia, Małopolska, and Podkarpacie might see snow accumulation between 20-25 cm, potentially transitioning into sleet and freezing rain in southernmost regions.

    Subzero Plunge with Varied Snowfall Across Regions

    Temperatures will range from -3 to 0 degrees Celsius in most places, rising to 4 degrees near the sea, with mild to occasionally moderate winds blowing northeast and then northward.

    Throughout the night, expect persistent cloud cover across the country, sporadic snow in the north, coastal sleet, and moderate snowfall in the south. Freezing rain and intense snowfall are forecasted in specific regions, with total snow accumulation in the south estimated at 15-25 cm.

    Temperatures will plummet overnight, hitting lows of -14 degrees Celsius in Wielkopolska, -8 to -5 in central and eastern regions, around -3 in the south, and up to 2 degrees in Hel. Winds will remain weak, blowing from the northeast and north.

    “IMGW Alerts: Escalating Freezing Precipitation and Snow Accumulation Forecasted”

    IMGW warnings indicate an expanding freezing precipitation zone northwards. Snow cover may increase by 30 to 40 cm in southern Lublin province, with higher amounts in mountainous regions reaching up to 65 cm in the Carpathians.

    According to the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management, the freezing precipitation zone will gradually extend northward in Małopolska and Podkarpacie.


    Image by Pexels from Pixabay

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