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    Snowy Slopes vs. Suffering Farms: Polish Parliament in Turmoil as Prime Minister Skis Amid Farmer Crisis

    Tensions flared in the Polish Parliament yesterday as lawmakers clashed over the plight of farmers, with accusations flying about government inaction and the Prime Minister’s absence. “Donald Tusk is skiing, he’s not standing with Polish farmers. Polish agriculture is being decimated, and the Polish government is turning a blind eye,” declared Robert Telus of the Law and Justice party during a passionate speech in the chamber.

    Farmers from all corners of Poland are staging mass protests today, marking the largest demonstrations in two decades. “They’re fighting for us—for food security, for the viability of production,” asserted Anna Gembicka, also from Law and Justice, who previously served as Agriculture Minister in Mateusz Morawiecki’s brief tenure. “It’s time to get to work. I’ve left you with a stack of bills and regulations. None have been acted upon,” she chastised the government.

    Former Agriculture Minister Robert Telus echoed Telus’s concerns, emphasizing the gravity of the situation. “Today is pivotal for Polish agriculture. It’s a day of reckoning that will determine the fate of our farming sector. Together with farmers, we stand against the climate policies championed by Timmermans in Europe and perpetuated by Donald Tusk during his EU leadership,” declared the PiS representative.

    Criticism was also directed at the current government’s actions or lack thereof. “What is the Polish government doing?” Telus questioned. “They talk about a 90 percent reduction in CO2. This isn’t about reforming European agriculture; it’s about destroying it, annihilating Polish agriculture,” he thundered. Telus also highlighted the absence of the Prime Minister and the leader of the Civic Platform from the Sejm proceedings.

    What is more, Telus reiterated his stance, emphasizing the disconnect between the government and the agricultural community. “Donald Tusk is skiing, he’s not standing with Polish farmers. Polish agriculture is in crisis, and the government remains indifferent,” he concluded.

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