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    Standing Up for Polish Families: Demands for Gas Price Freeze

    Polish families face an impending crisis as gas prices threaten to skyrocket in the coming months. In response, parliamentary members have launched a crucial inquiry into the Ministry of Climate and Environment.

    Under the leadership of MP Janusz Kowalski, the call for immediate legislative action resounds through the chambers of the Polish Parliament. With over seven million households at risk, the demand for a freeze on gas prices is urgent.

    MP Małgorzata Gosiewska echoes the sentiments of her constituents, who express deep apprehension over the looming price hikes. Advocating for a year-long freeze on gas prices, she emphasizes the necessity of supporting Polish families through tangible legislative measures.

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    As the debate unfolds, the spotlight shifts to the government’s obligation to safeguard the interests of its citizens. With the specter of inflation already looming, failure to enact protective measures could exacerbate financial burdens for millions of households.

    As the debate intensifies, the plight of Polish families remains at the forefront. The call for decisive governmental action to mitigate the impact of rising gas prices underscores the imperative of prioritizing the welfare of the people.

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