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    Success of PGE Group’s environmental projects

    PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna has been involved in nature conservation and biodiversity protection activities for many years. For more than 30 years, it has been carrying out a program to protect the white stork, creating special nesting platforms for these birds. Cooperation with national parks is also extremely effective. The “Forests Full of Energy” program, which has been running for more than 23 years, serves to restore the forest stand in Polish forests and improve air quality. 

    “PGE cares for the environment not only by changing the Polish energy industry to zero and low carbon but also by supporting institutions and organizations in their nature conservation activities. Remarkably, in 2022 we carried out a record number of more than 50 pro-environmental projects,”

    Wojciech Dąbrowski, President of the Management Board of PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna, emphasizes.

    The energy company actively participates in activities for birds. New nesting sites are being created; young storks are being ringed. By supporting the Falcon Association, it is contributing to the recovery of the peregrine falcon species in Poland. 14 young falcons last year flew out of the nests of chimneys of PGE Group’s heat and power stations and power plants.

    PGE Group supports six Polish national parks

    PGE Group’s cooperation with six national parks enabled the implementation of more than 50 diverse projects in 2022. These included 22 educational projects for children, youth, and seniors, and 4 scientific research projects. Four educational trails in the parks were also revitalized, and three photovoltaic installations were installed. 

    Thanks to PGE’s support, Kampinoski National Park purchased photo traps to record footage of animals in the wilderness. Biebrza National Park carried out a nesting bird monitoring project and Świętokrzyski National Park carried out 3 educational and cultural projects, including an open-air photo tour. 

    PGE promotes the conservation of rare wildlife

    The Roztocze National Park, on the other hand, with PGE’s help, carried out a major upgrade of an educational path and a research project entitled “Owls of the Roztocze Forests, Ranges and Villages,” aimed at obtaining information on the conservation status of rare owl species. A volunteer project entitled “Together for the Nature of the Roztocze National Park and Roztocze” was also carried out in Roztocze. The participants performed tasks in the field of flora and fauna conservation.

    The Slovinski National Park hosted an international scientific conference entitled “Protection of aquatic ecosystems and making them accessible,” while as part of cooperation with the Wigry National Park, 1000 participants took part in meetings entitled “With energy, we connect generations.”

    Pro-environmental activities

    PGE’s flagship proprietary project “Forests full of energy” last year enabled the planting of 67.5 thousand trees in 19 locations across 11 provinces. Cooperation with partners working to protect nature and ecology is also important in this project.

    PGE is extremely active in pro-environmental activities. It is a partner of the League for Nature Protection association. Thanks to this cooperation, last year a popular-science conference entitled “Protection of birds in urban areas” was held. 

    In its projects, the company also emphasizes the involvement of the Group’s employees. They take part in, among other things, the organization of environmental projects and tree-planting campaigns.


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