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    Tadeusz Zawadzki: Heroic Leader of the “Zośka” Battalion

    On January 24, 1921, Tadeusz Zawadzki, codenamed “Zośka,” was born in Warsaw. A harcmistrz (scoutmaster) and lieutenant in the Home Army, he led the Warsaw Assault Groups of the Gray Ranks during World War II. Zawadzki orchestrated 13 combat missions, personally participating in 10, including the famous “Arsenal” action.

    Under his command, the “Zośka” battalion was formed on September 1, 1943, in his honor after his death on August 20, 1943, during the “Taśma” operation. Known for exceptional courage, he received the Virtuti Militari Silver Cross twice.

    Zawadzki, born into an educated family, joined the independence movement early. Studying clandestinely, he later pursued chemistry at Warsaw University. Involved in underground activities, he rose to lead the “Mokotów Górny” district in the “Wawer” organization, earning the nickname “Kotwicki.”

    As head of the Assault Groups, Zawadzki undertook small sabotage actions and played a key role in high-profile rescues. Arrested in 1943, he endured imprisonment but tragically lost his life at 22.

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