Tarnowskie Góry Honor Professor Zembala with Renaming of Central Square

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    Tarnowskie Góry City Council has decided that the square in front of the railway station will be named after the eminent transplantology specialist, Professor Marian Zembala. The professor, a native of Tarnowskie Góry, was a key figure in the field of heart and lung transplantology, making significant contributions throughout his career.

    The initiative to name the square after Professor Zembala was spearheaded by Marek Breguła, a councilor and a patient of the late professor. The decision, delayed due to formal reasons, finally materialized, commemorating the legacy of a man who inspired not only medical advancements but also civic engagement.

    Born in 1950, Professor Zembala graduated with honors from the Wrocław Medical Academy in 1974. His illustrious career included groundbreaking work in pediatric cardiac surgery and establishing a program in the Netherlands, where over 500 Polish children received life-changing surgeries.

    Returning to Poland in 1985, Zembala collaborated with Professor Zbigniew Religa in Zabrze, creating a leading cardiothoracic surgery and transplantology center. Despite a stroke in 2018, he remained professionally active until his passing in 2022 at the age of 72.

    The square renaming serves as a tribute to a visionary medical professional and a beloved local figure, forever connecting Tarnowskie Góry with Professor Marian Zembala’s remarkable legacy.


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