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    Tauron Lab: Europe’s Most Advanced New Media Laboratory Opens in Katowice

    On September 14, 2023, history was made in the realms of Polish music and science with the inauguration of the cutting-edge Tauron Lab, the most advanced New Media Laboratory in Europe. The grand opening took place during a press conference at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice. Tauron Lab sets itself apart by harnessing state-of-the-art technologies in the music industry, offering unprecedented creative possibilities to artists and scientists. This groundbreaking venture is supported by Tauron, Volvo Euro Kas, the Katowice Special Economic Zone, and made possible through donations from the Orlen Foundation and the Agency for Industrial Development Foundation

    Cutting-Edge Technologies:
    Tauron Lab boasts an innovative modular interface, world-class immersive sound systems, and virtual acoustics technology that is unparalleled in Europe. The lab will host artistic residencies, music workshops for children and youth, as well as experimental projects in new media and sound.

    Collaborative Efforts:
    The creation of Tauron Lab and other foundation projects wouldn’t have been possible without the excellent cooperation and support from the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice. This unique space is poised to become a central hub for artists, scientists, and new media enthusiasts in Poland and Europe.

    The “Tonarium” Instrument:
    During the press conference, Soundscape Foundation presented the unique “Tonarium,” the only one of its kind in Poland. It provides exceptional conditions for creating musical experiments and recording in world-class spatial sound systems, benefiting from international collaboration.

    Open Days at Tauron Lab:
    ASP Katowice and the Soundscape Foundation invite both residents and non-residents of Katowice to attend open days on September 16th and 17th at 11:00 AM and 3:00 PM. On September 15th, open sessions will be organized for ASP Katowice students and staff, offering the opportunity to explore innovative 3D sound playback systems and virtual acoustics.

    Organizers and Partners:
    The event is organized by the Soundscape Foundation, dedicated to promoting sound culture and collaboration in creative fields. Partners include Tauron Lab, Tauron, Volvo Euro Kas, and the Katowice Special Economic Zone, with support from the Orlen Foundation and the Agency for Industrial Development Foundation.

    About the Soundscape Foundation:
    Soundscape Foundation’s primary goal is to create platforms for creative collaboration and promote culture, with a focus on sound. Their activities span scientific approaches to sound, its use in music, visual arts, and public spaces. They present a new perspective on engaging with music through concerts, lectures, artistic residencies, and workshops at the intersection of technology and sound. Ecological initiatives accompany all their efforts, in line with the ecological aspect of soundscapes.

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