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    The 19th anniversary of the opening of the iconic skyscraper – Rondo 1

    The Rondo 1 skyscraper, located in the center of Warsaw, is one of the tallest and most impressive buildings in Poland. It is situated at the ONZ roundabout, one of the busiest points in the city.

    The skyscraper was built between 2006-2008 and has 40 floors and a height of 192 meters. It houses offices, commercial and service premises, a conference center, and five levels of underground parking. The building also features three observation decks, from which one can admire the panoramic view of Warsaw.

    Today, on March 7, 2023, we celebrate the 19th anniversary of the grand opening of the Rondo 1 building. Since then, the skyscraper has become an important landmark in the business center of Warsaw and one of the most significant symbols of the city.

    Rondo 1 stands out mainly due to its modern and futuristic architecture. The building facade is covered with glass panels that reflect sunlight, creating interesting visual effects. Due to its height and distinctive shape, the skyscraper is visible from various points in the city and is an essential part of Warsaw’s landscape.

    Moreover, the Rondo 1 building is eco-friendly. It has a LEED Platinum certificate, which confirms that it meets the highest environmental standards. The building utilizes energy-efficient technologies and materials, as well as sustainable transportation systems.

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