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    “The Chronicles of Myrtana: Archolos – Mod of The Decade Edition” adds new content to Polish Mod for Gothic II: Night of the Raven Game.

    Polish Modification for Gothic II will receive additional content as “The Chronicles of Myrtana: Archolos – Mod of The Decade Edition”.

    The Chronicles of Myrtana: Archolos, a free modification for the game Gothic II: Night of the Raven, created over the span of six years by a Polish team known as The Chronicles of Myrtana Team, is set to receive a new edition with additional content. The mod stands out from others of its kind not only for its approximately sixty hours of gameplay, including 170 quests and 200 random events, and encounters with 1400 unique NPCs, but also for its complete Polish voice acting recorded by professional actors such as Mirosław Zbrojewicz, Cezary Żak, Artur Barciś, Kamil Pruban, Olga Borys, and the voice actor for the main role – Michał Klawiter.

    It seems that the saying “the best jokes are those that ultimately turn out to be true” holds true for our Polish creators of The Chronicles of Myrtana: Archolos mod. The previously announced 2.0 version of the mod and Hardcore mode, which was initially intended as an April Fool’s joke and was purported to be an exclusive release for the Nintendo Switch, is not happening. However, the modders do have plans for The Chronicles of Myrtana – Archolos: Mod of the Decade Edition for PC. This will be the name of the new version of the mod, initially labeled as 2.0.

    The release date and specific details of the additional content are yet to be announced, but fans of Gothic II and the Myrtana mod are eagerly anticipating this new edition from the Polish modding team.

    Stay tuned for more updates!

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