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    The cliff on the beach in Orłowo is slipping

    A windy and stormy February affected the erosion of the cliff in Orłowo. There is a rapid progression of slope erosion and each mild winter intensifies this process. A huge piece of clay can be found under the cliff.

    Maritime Office in Gdynia put up warning signs.

    The slipping clay cliff has always been controversial. According to many engineers, the seashore should be protected by a concrete band – such as the Boulevard in Gdynia. Others believe that a series of underwater breakwaters is needed to weaken the flow of waves onto the shore and stabilise erosion. A 1993 recommendation issued by the most important international organisation dealing with the environment of the Baltic Sea (Helcom) states that natural coastal processes should be protected wherever there is no need to protect important cultural heritage or infrastructure.” (

    Since Poland’s accession to the EU, the cliff has been a Natura 2000 site since the 1930s. A stone reef that is a habitat for many marine animals and is overgrown with a diverse plant community is also protected by EU law.

    The cliff was secured a few years ago. According to Sławomir Kitowski from the Society of Friends of Orłowo, the cliff breaks off more than one meter a year. In 2018 there was a spectacular cliff landslide.

    Since the 1930s the cliff has been protected as a nature reserve, and since Poland’s accession to the EU it has been part of the Natura 2000 area. There is another object protected by EU law – stone reefs overgrown with a rich plant community and a shelter for many marine animals.

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