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    The final of the Game Jam

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    Discover how Poland’s Creative Industries Development Center fosters innovation, creativity, and talent while preserving cultural traditions, offering support to the creative sector, and inspiring the next generation of creators.

    In a former printing press building in Warsaw, Poland, creative minds and technological innovation converge to shape the future of the creative industry. Minister of Culture and Heritage, Prof. Piotr Gliński, recently unveiled the winners of the Game Jam competition at the Creative Industries Development Center (CRPK). This venue, which marries tradition with innovation, has become a hub for nurturing creativity and collaboration between different cultural sectors.

    Fostering Creative Talent:

    The CRPK administers two programs: “Video Game Support Program” and “Development of Creative Sectors.” These programs offer financial support to various creative ideas through grant competitions, facilitating the growth of Poland’s creative industries.

    Investing in the Future:

    Prof. Gliński announced plans to modernize the CRPK building, ensuring it continues to provide a dynamic space for creativity and innovation. He also emphasized the importance of combining modernity with tradition in cultural institutions, leading to increased public engagement.

    Encouraging Young Creatives:

    Addressing the Game Jam participants, Prof. Gliński stressed the significance of building a creative identity grounded in one’s roots and local community history, advising against simply following global trends. He also mentioned the success of the film “Chłopi,” highlighting the potential of original and innovative projects.

    Future Visions:

    The CRPK, established in 2022, is part of Poland’s commitment to support creative industries. Its mission includes promoting collaboration between culture, business, science, and technology, investing in promising projects and talented creators, and creating innovative, cross-sectoral initiatives that showcase Polish culture on the global stage.

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