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    The Great Expedition Of The Maluchs Set Off – The Largest Motoring Charity Project

    Motoring enthusiasts from the world of motorsport have embarked on a remarkable journey, uniting generations and aiming to make a difference in the lives of children. Behind the wheels of the iconic Polish car, the Maluch, these motorsport giants are on a mission to travel from Bielsko-Biała to the renowned Monte Carlo, all for a noble cause. The rally is an unprecedented charity project, seeking to raise funds to support children who have fallen victim to road accidents.

    In a groundbreaking initiative within the motoring world, this ambitious project brings together more than a hundred individuals, including renowned drivers, influential personalities, and successful entrepreneurs. These individuals are setting off from Bielsko-Biała to Monaco in a fleet of Fiat 126p cars, with a collective goal of raising one million zlotys to aid their chosen cause. This extraordinary undertaking represents the first-ever motoring project of such magnitude, dedicated to helping children who have suffered on the roads and are in need of assistance.

    How it all began?

    Marcin Małysz, the organizer and CEO of the project, explains the motivation behind this pioneering initiative, stating, “It is the first such project in motoring and also the first organized on such a large scale to help children who are victims of road accidents. We are embarking on a journey in compliance with traffic regulations to help those who have suffered in traffic and need help themselves.”

    The rally commenced on the fourth of July in Bielsko-Biała, and it will span a duration of eight days. Covering a total distance of almost 4,000 kilometers, this expedition will take the participants through seven countries. It poses a formidable challenge, particularly considering the fact that the drivers will be maneuvering Maluchs throughout the journey. A total of 33 crews, including legendary figures such as Sobiesław Zasada, Longin Bielak, Rafał Sonik, Kajetan Kajetanowicz, and Bartosz Ostałowski, are participating in this grand endeavor.

    Prominent participants

    Sobiesław Zasada, widely regarded as Poland’s most successful rally driver, expresses his anticipation for the adventure, reflecting on the memories he shares with Longin Bielak. He recalls, “It promises to be an incredible adventure, which also brings back memories of the emotions I experienced on these routes with Longin in the winter of 1975 as part of the Monte-Carlo Rally, then a round of the world championship. We drove through these extremely difficult and demanding sections in a small Fiat to prove to the millions of people who wanted to buy such a car that it could go anywhere.”

    Among the distinguished participants is Rafał Sonik, the winner of the Dakar Rally and a nine-time World Cup champion, as well as Kajetan Kajetanowicz, a multiple World Rally Vice-Champion, three-time European Champion, and four-time Polish Champion. Additionally, Bartosz Ostałowski, the world’s only professional sports driver who drives using his foot due to physical limitations, will embark on the journey in a specially modified Maluch with an automatic gearbox.

    Rafał Sonik, who had long sought to create a unique motoring project with a social impact, is thrilled about the prospects of this initiative. He emphasizes, “For years I had been looking for an idea to create a unique social motoring project that could bring help through values and people involved. Six months ago, at a meeting with Sobiesław and Kajetan, my dream turned out to be possible. I am convinced that we hit the Bull’s eye, and together today we are launching a project that will do a lot of good over the next few years and become the biggest annual automotive aid project in Poland.”

    Worthy cause

    The significance of this project extends beyond its charitable aspect for Kajetan Kajetanowicz. As a parent of two children and an ambassador for numerous social safety campaigns, Kajetanowicz understands the importance of continuous education and support for those affected by road accidents. He shares his personal connection to the journey, stating, “Participating in the rally is very important to me because of its worthy cause. I started my sporting career in a Maluch, so this will also be a sentimental journey. To this day, I can still feel the thrill of hearing the sound of a Fiat 126p two-cylinder engine.”

    The statistics provided by the Police highlight the urgency of addressing road safety issues in Poland. In 2022 alone, 1,883 lives were lost, and 24,703 individuals were injured in road accidents. Tragically, some of the victims are children who not only suffer physical injuries but also endure long-term psychological impacts. The rally aims to shed light on these issues and raise awareness among the public, especially the younger generations while providing much-needed financial assistance.

    The fundraising efforts will be carried out through the platform, where unique auctions of items donated by prominent Polish rally drivers will be held. The participants themselves, including the children, will contribute valuable items and activities to the cause. All proceeds from these auctions and fundraising events will be donated to two organizations: the Polish Motor Association Foundation and the InterCars Foundation.

    The event is not just an extraordinary motoring adventure; it represents a collective effort to make a positive change in the lives of children affected by road accidents. By supporting this cause, individuals can contribute to the safety education of future generations and provide vital assistance to those who have already suffered. To learn more about the project and how to contribute, visit

    As the rally continues its ambitious route from Bielsko-Biała to Monte Carlo, the symbol of Polish motoring, the Maluch, becomes more than just a car—it becomes a vehicle of hope, compassion, and a testament to the power of unity in creating meaningful change.

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