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    The historic inauguration of Poland’s National Defense Government on July 24, 1920

    On July 24, 1920, a significant event took place in Belweder, as the National Defense Government (RON) was sworn in with Wincenty Witos as its prime minister. This marked a pivotal moment in Polish political history, uniting representatives from all major political factions.

    Formation of the National Defense Government and the Unity of Diverse Political Forces

    The RON’s formation was a result of the pressing need to confront the challenges posed by external threats and internal divisions. Acknowledging the gravity of the situation, leaders from various political parties set aside their differences and joined forces for the nation’s defense.

    Witos’ Leadership and Vision

    As the appointed premier, Wincenty Witos played a crucial role in guiding the National Defense Government. His leadership and vision fostered cooperation among the diverse group of representatives, enabling them to work collectively towards a common goal.

    A Coalition for Survival

    The inclusion of representatives from all major political factions showcased the unity and determination of the Polish people to protect their homeland. This coalition was a testament to the nation’s resilience and the willingness of its leaders to rise above partisan interests.

    The inauguration of the National Defense Government in Belweder symbolized a turning point in Polish history. It demonstrated that when faced with adversity, unity and cooperation prevail, laying the foundation for a strong and resilient nation.

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