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    The European Rover Challenge (ERC) 2023 in Kielce

    The European Rover Challenge (ERC) is an international competition aimed at supporting technological development. This year, the competition will take place on 15–17 September in Kielce.

    We inspire a new generation

    Guided by the slogan "we inspire a new generation", we have been bringing the cosmos closer to the general public and making people aware of the growing role of modern technologies in our lives for seven years now. An integral part of this process are shows, workshops and presentations prepared by our exhibitors.

    The main goal of the ERC is to create a standardized testing and reference system for planetary robots, as well as a career development platform in the space sector.

    The competition is divided into two separate formats: stationary and remote. Participants can take part in one or both formats. Each format requires a special approach and presents different tasks for the teams.

    In the stationary format, student teams from around the world work hard to prepare a fully functional Mars rover of their own design. The rover must be a self-contained, mobile robotic platform. All teams that pass the qualifications will participate in the finals on a simulated Martian track in Kielce, during which their robot will face tasks modeled on real NASA and ESA missions.

    Teams participating in the remote format will use standardized equipment during the competition, which they will remotely connect to from anywhere on Earth. The winner of the competition will be the team that most thoroughly prepares the software necessary to carry out the mission and demonstrates effectiveness in managing, responding to critical situations, and managing change.

    The ERC provides a unique opportunity for students from different countries and backgrounds to come together and work towards a common goal. It not only supports the development of cutting-edge technology but also fosters international cooperation and career development. With the growing importance of space exploration and the development of planetary robots, the ERC plays a significant role in shaping the future of the space industry.

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