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    The Klasztorek, Museum of the Czartoryski Princes exhibition in Krakow

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    The Klasztorek, Museum of the Czartoryski Princes exhibition in Krakow opened the final wing of the Princes Czartoryski Museum, showcasing unique and unconventional items from the collection. Deputy Prime Minister Piotr Gliński conveyed that the reconstruction of the museum had been completed.

    “Within two years of purchasing the Czartoryski collection, we rebuilt the Palace and its beautiful interiors were opened to the public. There were, however, other buildings forming the entire Czartoryski property complex, such as the Arsenal or the Cloister, which were purchased together with the collection and the rights to the war losses. If Rafael’s ‘Portrait of a Young Man’ could be found, it belongs to the State Treasury, and there is an empty frame in this building waiting for this work.”,

    said Professor Piotr Gliński.

    Thanks to the revitalisation of the original 19th-century exhibition infrastructure, the Klasztorek has become its own kind of “nature reserve” of museums.

    The exhibition includes mementos from the original collection in Puławy, along with copies, forgeries, and other historical artifacts. These items offer a glimpse into a lost world and serve as valuable research material on the history of collecting. The Klasztorek building, the oldest exhibition space at the museum, has been renovated to preserve its historic charm and present a mix of old and new works. The exhibition combines historical narratives, such as the Napoleonic period and the November Uprising, with memorabilia from Puławy, including Shakespeare’s chair. Some of the exhibited items may seem strange or comical to modern visitors, prompting a fresh interpretation and reflection on the role of objects in history and contemporary museum art. These artifacts provide insights into societal processes, ideas, and the human condition itself.


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