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    The last day of the SkillsPoland 2022 competition

    As a part of SkillsPoland, students of trade schools and technical schools as well as students of technical faculties compete in 22 competitions. The winners will represent our country at the EuroSkills competition, which will be held in Gdańsk next year.

    The competition was judged by 100 judges, including 14 foreign experts. Students participating in competitions included: students from the Czech Republic, Denmark, the Netherlands, France, Sweden, and Hungary. The list of the winners of SkilssPoland 2022 is available on the official Facebook webpage below:

    The winners of SkillsPoland 2022 will represent Poland during EuroSkills 2023. EuroSkills 2023 will take place on September 5-9 at AmberExpo and Polsat Plus Arena in Gdańsk.

    The goal of SkillsPoland is to encourage young people to develop their skills and to strengthen cooperation with the employers’ environment. The competition is also of a promotional nature, convincing young people that choosing a trade school is a good idea for them.

    “We plan that 640 participants will participate in EuroSkills 2023 and 100,000 people (students, teachers, and people from the world of education and business) will receive special funding. It is an event that allows us to introduce the above-mentioned activities in order to be on one platform together with students and employers and to implement the best activities in the field of vocational education”.

    indicates Marek Lewiński, Director of the Department of Structural Funds of the Ministry of Education and Science.

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