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    The last surviving soldier of the General Maczek’s 1st Armoured Division turned 106 yesterday

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    Celebrating Captain Tadeusz Lutak’s birthday, a living symbol of WWII bravery and Polish resistance. His legacy of courage shines brightly. The 106th birthday of Captain Tadeusz Lutak, known by his wartime alias “Pancerz,” was celebrated on August 30th.

    Captain Tadeusz Lutak marked a momentous occasion yesterday, August 30th, as he celebrated his 106th birthday. Born in Żarnowa on August 29, 1917, Captain Lutak’s remarkable journey encompasses bravery, resilience, and a steadfast commitment to the Polish struggle for independence during World War II.

    Enlisting in the military after completing primary school, Captain Lutak’s valor shone during the Polish Defensive War in September 1939. He endured German captivity and later emerged as an integral figure in the underground resistance, fighting with the famed Armia Krajowa (Home Army). Operating within the resistance under the codename “Pancerz,” he collected vital intelligence, executed sabotage missions, and conducted covert operations against the occupying forces.

    One of his most notable accomplishments was the elimination of Edward Koch, a German collaborator in Niebyłków. Captain Lutak’s dedication earned him numerous prestigious awards, including the Officer’s Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta. His contributions to preserving history and sharing his experiences with younger generations have solidified his revered status in Poland.

    Captain Tadeusz Lutak’s life exemplifies the courage and sacrifices of those who fought for freedom. His legacy will forever inspire admiration and gratitude, as he continues to serve as a living connection to the pivotal events of WWII.

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