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    The legend of Warsaw Basilisk

    The legend of the Warsaw Basilisk is a dark and mysterious tale that has been passed down through generations in Poland. Read more about a brave tailor and the legend.

    There are many legends about the Basilisk. Various characters play the roles of heroes, once it is a tailor as in our legend, once unjustly accused of murdering a comrade Jan Ślązak, and another time a brave girl named Magda. (

    According to the legend, the Warsaw Basilisk was a fearsome creature that was born in the depths of the Vistula River, which flows through the heart of the city. It was said to have a body like a serpent, with sharp fangs and scales as hard as steel. Its eyes were said to be a brilliant shade of red, and its breath was said to be poisonous.

    As the creature grew older and stronger, it began to emerge from the river and terrorize the people of Warsaw. It would attack at night, striking down anyone who crossed its path with its deadly breath and razor-sharp fangs. The people of Warsaw were terrified, and many began to flee the city.

    One day, a brave knight named tailor arrived in Warsaw. He was determined to slay the beast and rid the city of its terror once and for all. He set out to find the basilisk, but the creature proved to be elusive, and tailor soon realized that he would need to employ a clever strategy if he was to defeat it.

    He decided to use a mirror to reflect the basilisk’s gaze back at itself, as it was said that the creature would be petrified if it ever saw its own reflection. Tailor searched high and low for the perfect mirror, and eventually found one that was large enough to reflect the basilisk’s entire body.

    With the mirror in hand, tailor made his way to the Vistula River, where he knew the basilisk was hiding. He stood at the edge of the river and waited for the creature to emerge from the water. When it did, tailor held up the mirror and directed the basilisk’s gaze towards it.

    The basilisk was caught off guard by its own reflection, and was instantly petrified. tailor then used his sword to strike down the basilisk, shattering it into a million pieces.

    The people of Warsaw rejoiced at the news of the basilisk’s defeat, and they hailed tailor as a hero. To this day, the legend of the Warsaw Basilisk is still told in Poland, and it serves as a reminder of the courage and ingenuity of the people who call Warsaw home.

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