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    The Monument of Jesus Christ, King of the Universe in Świebodzin

    In Świebodzin stands the towering Monument of Jesus Christ, King of the Universe, a testament to faith and community unity. Standing at 36 meters tall, with a gilded crown adorning its head, this monumental sculpture symbolizes devotion and spiritual significance.

    Conceived by parish priest Rev. Sylwester Zawadzki and realized through voluntary contributions, the statue is a landmark of religious reverence. Its construction, initiated in 2001 and completed in 2010, involved significant engineering feats, including a 16.5-meter mound foundation.

    Despite initial challenges, the statue’s dedication in 2010 marked a pivotal moment in the town’s history. Though plans to designate Christ as the city’s patron were met with opposition, the statue remains a beacon of faith for Świebodzin and beyond.

    Crafted from reinforced concrete, the monument’s intricate details, such as its 15-ton head and 6-meter-long hands, showcase remarkable craftsmanship. As one of the tallest representations of Christ globally, it stands as a symbol of spiritual devotion and community pride.

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