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    The Monument Reconstruction Programme: government support for local authorities

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    Up to PLN 3.5 million will go to local authorities across Poland for the renovation or reconstruction of historic buildings. Thanks to this government support, historic buildings will regain their original beauty and their renovation will restore their comfort. Many of these monuments have important social functions, such as schools, offices or community centres, so their restoration will give them new life, allowing them to serve their inhabitants for many years to come. The Government’s Monument Reconstruction Programme, which is now entering its implementation phase, has received more than PLN 2.5 billion, allocated to more than 4,800 projects.

    “Monuments are not only in museums”, said Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki during a press conference announcing the launch of the Government Programme for Reconstruction of Monuments. Polish compatriots are well aware of how many pearl objects are hidden in Polish communes, villages, small towns, and slightly larger cities. These are pearls of the Polish past, which unfortunately have fallen into disrepair over the years. The sight of deteriorating monuments evokes sadness and heartache as they lose their value and disappear.

    Over the past 30 years, many historic buildings in Poland have been condemned to oblivion mainly due to a lack of funds for their restoration. However, the recovery of public finances has made it possible to allocate significant funds for this purpose, as monuments have not only historical value, but also utilitarian value. Many public buildings, such as schools, crèches, kindergartens or community centres, are housed in historic buildings.

    The Government Programme for the Rebuilding of Historic Buildings has received more than PLN 2.5 billion. Local self-governments across Poland will receive funding of up to PLN 3.5 million for more than 4,800 reconstruction and conservation projects.

    The Prime Minister stressed that the government’s words were matched by actions and measures. The repair of public finances was crucial not only for the implementation of social programmes and the reduction of taxes to 12%, but also for the introduction of the Government Programme for the Rehabilitation of Monuments. The restoration of the splendour of monuments is of great importance to local communities and is an expression of care for Polish culture. Monuments carry the past into the present and carry it on to future generations – they are the living fabric of our heritage.

    The restoration of historic buildings also has a positive impact on the local economy, as monuments serve as public buildings. Refurbished and protected from deterioration, they both attract tourists and serve local residents.

    Prime Minister Morawiecki stressed that the Government’s Programme for the Reconstruction of Monuments will contribute to the restoration of hundreds or even thousands of palaces, manor houses, churches, as well as railway stations or other public buildings such as schools, hospitals or municipal offices. The aim of the programme is to prevent the magnificent mementoes of Polish culture from being forgotten.

    The Government Programme for the Rebuilding of Monuments provides support for local authorities in improving the condition, reconstruction and renovation of monuments. Thanks to it, monuments will be protected against degradation and destruction, and their beauty will last for decades to come. Caring for monuments is about caring for our cultural heritage, preserving national identity and building community.

    In recent years, in parallel to the Government’s Monument Reconstruction Programme, the Government has also supported the protection of monuments and heritage. More than PLN 1.24 billion has been allocated to the Historic Preservation Programme from 2016 to 2023, and the list of Historic Monuments has also been expanded.

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