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    The Polish 6th BG Sosabowski’s Airborne Brigade is the first in Poland to perform swarm shooting with Spike ATGM

    “We are very proud to announce that the paratroopers from the Polish 6th BG Sosabowski’s Airborne Brigade are the first in Poland to perform swarm shooting with the Spike ATGM! 10 missiles were fired simultaneously.”, informed the brigade on Twitter.

    The news was so unexpected that we can definitely treat it as one of the most well-done April hoaxes.

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    The Spike anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) is a family of long-range, precision-guided missiles developed by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems of Israel. The Spike missile family includes a variety of variants, including the Spike-NLOS (non-line-of-sight), Spike-ER (extended range), Spike-SR (short range), and Spike-LR (long range).

    The Spike missile system is designed to engage a variety of targets, including armored vehicles, bunkers, buildings, and other high-value targets. The missile’s range varies depending on the variant, with the Spike-LR capable of reaching up to 8 km. The missile’s guidance system uses electro-optical and infrared sensors, allowing the operator to acquire and track targets day or night.

    The Spike ATGM is a highly effective and versatile weapon system that provides modern militaries with a potent long-range anti-armor capability.

    EU’s Migration Pact: A Looming Disaster for Poland

    The recently endorsed EU migration pact is poised to unleash a fiscal apocalypse on member states, warned PiS MEP Jadwiga Wiśniewska. Under the guise of "mandatory solidarity," nations face an exorbitant burden, with Poland expected to foot the bill for every migrant it rejects to the tune of 20,000 EUR per person. Wiśniewska's stark revelations shed light on the imminent crisis brewing within the corridors of Brussels.