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    The Ravensbrück scandal: Poles not allowed to attend the ceremony

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    The Ravensbrück scandal has erupted in Germany as it has come to light that Polish citizens were not allowed to enter the former concentration camp. The incident has sparked outrage in Poland, with many calling for an explanation from the German authorities.

    Ravensbrück was a women’s concentration camp located in northern Germany, and it is estimated that over 132,000 women and children were imprisoned there during World War II. Among them were thousands of Polish citizens, many of whom were subjected to inhumane medical experiments and forced labor.

    Today, Polish citizens have been denied entry to the Ravensbrück memorial site. This has caused anger and confusion, as Polish citizens make up a significant proportion of the camp’s victims.

    The frailty of this nation. After the NSZ (National Armed Forces) delegation laid flowers (they themselves were not allowed), the Germans tore the sashes from the wreath. I repeat what I recently wrote, the biggest mistake after World War II was to allow the existence of the German state.

    wrote the city council member, Dariusz Matecki on Twitter.

    The Polish government has condemned the actions of the German authorities, and there have been calls for an immediate investigation into the matter. Many Poles feel that this is a clear case of discrimination and disrespect towards their country and the memory of those who suffered and died in Ravensbrück.

    The incident has also brought to light the ongoing tensions between Poland and Germany over the issue of historical memory. Poland has accused Germany of not doing enough to acknowledge and compensate for the atrocities committed against Polish citizens during World War II, while Germany has accused Poland of distorting history for political gain.

    The Ravensbrück scandal is a reminder that the wounds of the past still run deep, and that there is a long way to go before true reconciliation can be achieved between these two nations.

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