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    The St. Spirit Complex in Toruń Deserves Comprehensive Scientific Exploration

    In Toruń’s Philadelphian Boulevard, the St. Spirit Complex stands as a unique and valuable site, deserving thorough scientific investigation, according to Professor Wojciech Chudziak, Director of the Institute of Archaeology at UMK. The excavation, initiated by Professor Chudziak, has already unveiled an ancient retaining or perimeter wall that captivated medieval Toruń residents.

    Limited Time for In-Depth Studies

    With only two weeks for research before winter sets in, the goal is to assess the area previously surveyed for private investment. The UMK was tasked by the city authorities to provide an archaeological, architectural, and historical expertise, determining the site’s value and recommending future actions.

    Prospects for Future Excavations

    Professor Chudziak indicates that the northern part of the site will likely undergo extensive excavations next year. Emphasizing the uniqueness and significance of the location, he expresses the need for continuous archaeological exploration.

    Rediscovering Medieval Relics

    Contrary to earlier assumptions, recent studies suggest the substantial preservation of elements like church, hospital, monastery, and economic buildings, potentially even fragments of a cemetery. Professor Chudziak underscores the importance of further exploration and interdisciplinary collaboration for a holistic understanding.

    Historical Context and Environmental Changes

    Professor Chudziak highlights the division within the community regarding the condition of the St. Spirit Complex relics. While some believed significant portions were lost in the 17th and 18th centuries, the recent findings challenge this perception.

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