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    The Zamość Uprising – a series of partisan operations between December 1942 and July 1944

    The Zamość uprising comprised World War II partisan operations, 1942–1944, by the Polish resistance (primarily the Home Army and Peasant Battalions) against Germany’s Generalplan-Ost forced expulsion of Poles from the Zamość region (Zamojszczyzna) and the region’s colonization by German settlers. The Polish defense of the Zamość region was one of Poland’s largest resistance operations of World War II.

    Several monuments, museums and cemeteries have been raised in the area over time. In the People’s Republic of Poland the actions of the communist Armia Ludowa were emphasized at the expense of those of the non-communist resistance. A recent Polish documentary dedicated to the uprising has been recognized in the New York Festivals of 2008 with a bronze medal.

    The video includes English subtitles.

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