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    “There Are No More Important Figures”: President Duda Commemorates the Ulma Family

    President Andrzej Duda, in a poignant address, reveres the Ulma family’s paramount importance in Polish history, particularly in saving Jews during the Nazi occupation.

    The Courage of the Ulmów Family

    President Duda emphasized, “From this very land, the Ulma family emerged, displaying what was truly remarkable in Europe and the world during World War II – an unparalleled readiness to sacrifice for others.”

    A Legacy of Sacrifice

    “In contrast to other occupied countries in Western Europe, in Poland, aiding Jews meant facing certain death,” President Duda lamented, underscoring the Ulmów family’s exceptional courage in sheltering their Jewish neighbors.

    Acknowledgment of Tragedy

    President Duda solemnly noted, “The murder of the Ulma family and their Jewish guests remains an unimaginable, dreadful crime.”

    A Lasting Tribute

    “The decision to name the Rzeszów-Jasionka airport after the Ulmów family stands as a lasting tribute,” President Duda affirmed, honoring their bravery and selflessness for generations to come.

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