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    Third edition of military MMA gala “The fight we have in our blood”

    On March 31, the third edition of the “Walkę Mamy We Krwi” (English: The fight we have in our blood) military MMA gala took place. The event, which has become traditional, marked the conclusion of the Polish Army’s championship in close contact fighting for the Cup of the Minister of National Defense. Exciting fights between soldiers provided an unforgettable experience and ultimately determined the champions of the Polish Army.

    “Walkę mamy we krwi” is a good example of the commitment and passion that sport can be. These are the best mechanisms to attract more people to join the Polish Army. And it is our goal to make the Polish Army strong and that is what it is,”

    Deputy Prime Minister Mariusz Blaszczak during a military MMA gala in Pruszków.

    Private Damian Durkacz (representative of the Central Military Sports Team) is a winner of the boxing fight in the super fight formula. In turn, the Polish-American clash was won by PFC Paweł Oleszczuk from the 11th Armoured Cavalry Division. The Pole showed what will and combat power are all about. He defeated his colleague Johan Mackie from the US Army. 

    “I am also pleased with the international accent. The fact that a U.S. Army sergeant took part in the fight. In the United States, this is a very common formula. Just practising the sport of being a soldier. We try to use these good models,”

    Deputy Prime Minister M. Błaszczak said after the fight.

    Polish Army fights in the octagon at Warsaw gala

    A night of thrilling action unfolded at the Polish Army gala as ten fights. There were two in the super fight formula of boxing and K1 fights. The best competitors in their respective weight categories competed for the Polish Army champion’s belt. Moreover, among those competing in the octagon, there were paratroopers, territorials, and cadets.

    The fight was attended by fighters known from Polish and foreign fighting arenas – among others, Cpl. Michał Piwowarski, Private Błażej Majdan, Private Damian Ostęp, PFC Damian Durkacz, PFC Sylwester Miller, PFC Paweł Oleszczuk and a fighter representing the U.S. Army – Johan Mackie. All the fights took place in the octagon. Each of the participants presented a high level of skill, as well as strength of character and fortitude.

    Polish Army event for everyone

    Additionally, visitors to the Polish Army Day event were treated to a military picnic. Soldiers of the Polish Army served up military pea soup while guests were invited to practice combat sports, get a closer look at military equipment, and train with well-known athletes from the Central Military Sports Team.

    The final gala was the culmination of elimination fights at the Wroclaw Academy of Land Forces. It is there that, for several years now, military championship competitions in close combat have been organised. Once a year, the best fighters from military units from all over Poland meet at the AWL, fighting for the title in the individual classification and points for the team classification for their division, unit, or type of troops.

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