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    Third edition of the ‘Trees Connect Us’ campaign is launched

    On March 15, 2023, the great spring planting campaign “Łączą nas Drzewa” (English: Trees Connect Us), initiated by the Deputy Minister of Climate and Environment Edward Siarka, was launched. All over Poland, in each regional directorate of the State Forests, it will be possible to meet foresters and plant trees together.

    “Every tree planted means climate protection. Poland’s forests are steadily increasing in number and already cover one-third of the country’s area. We are organising the “Łączą nas Drzewa” campaign in order to unite everyone around nature, as it is our national asset which we must protect and nurture together,”

    Deputy Minister Edward Siarka said.

    This year, volunteers planting a forest in the Kaczory Forest District inaugurated the campaign. The previous two iterations of this undertaking met with the wider public interest. Schoolchildren, local and regional government officials, firefighters, members of housewives’ circles and nature lovers planted tens of thousands of young trees across Poland.

    Planting trees is good for the environment and for everyone’s well-being

    Every year, foresters plant 500 million trees. Thanks to the “Łączą nas Drzewa” campaign, each person can contribute to increasing the area of our country’s green lungs to ensure a secure future for future generations. We encourage you to keep an eye on the websites of the regional directorates of state forests, where all the information will be provided along with the locations of the planned plantings.

    “Planting trees is not only an expression of concern for the environment but also a great benefit for our health and well-being. Being active in the fresh air, surrounded by the beautiful nature of our forests, is a great form of rest and regeneration,”

    Magdalena Kapuścińska, Deputy Director General of the State Forests, said during the inauguration of the “Łączą nas Drzewa” campaign.
    press material / State Forests

    Polish forests protect us

    The State Forests manage three-quarters of the country’s forests, which carry out forest management that takes into account the needs of nature, people and the economy. Substantial forest resources are also in private hands. Regardless of who owns the forest, the common care of the forests is an overriding objective for foresters. Trees provide oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. They also provide a habitat for many species of flora and fauna and are an excellent renewable raw material. Thanks to the forests, we can enjoy such gifts of nature as mushrooms and herbs. Being in the forest also has a beneficial effect on our fitness and well-being.

    The “Łączą nas Drzewa” campaign was launched during the pandemic period. The Ministry of Climate and Environment, together with the State Forests, met the public’s need to commune with nature. The health-promoting role of forests cannot be overestimated.

    State Forests / press material

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