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    Today is Saint Patrick’s Day

    Today, March 17 is Saint Partyk’s Day. It is an Irish holiday, which is gaining popularity in Poland every year. These countries share even a common hero – Paweł Edmund Strzelecki. Read more about this holiday celebrated in Poland below.

    “Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated today in Ireland. Did you know we have a common hero? Paweł Edmund Strzelecki – Polish traveler and explorer focused on helping Irish children. For his services, he was entered into the gallery of national heroes of Ireland.”

    Saint Patrick’s Day is not a widely celebrated holiday in Poland as it has stronger associations with Irish culture and history. However, in recent years, there has been a growing interest in the holiday, particularly among young people and those with Irish heritage or connections.

    In larger cities like Warsaw and Krakow, some pubs and bars may hold St. Patrick’s Day-themed events or parties with Irish music, food, and drinks, such as green beer or whiskey. Some people may also choose to wear green clothing or accessories to mark the occasion.

    To sum up, while Saint Patrick’s Day is not an official holiday in Poland, it is a festive occasion that is increasingly recognized and celebrated, particularly among those with an interest in Irish culture and traditions.

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