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    Today Poles celebrate Grandpa’s Day

    Grandpa’s Day is celebrated annually on January 22 in Poland. Similarly to Grandma’s Day, this holiday is widely celebrated across Poland, with children and adults giving their grandfathers small gifts, and cards. Also, the day is usually marked by small events and plays at schools too.

    Probably, Grandpa’s Day was brought to Poland from America in the 1980s. Then, it gradually became more and more popular. The American equivalent of Polish Grandma’s and Grandpa’s Days is National Grandparents Day. So in the USA, the holiday does not fall on two separate days and it is celebrated on the first Sunday after Labor Day.

    Polish Presidential Couple posted special wishes for grandparents in Poland:

    “On these festive days, we want to thank grandmas and grandpas for passing on home and regional traditions as well as patriotic and religious values. Thank you for always being ready to help young people, and when necessary – also to hug, wipe away tears and comfort.”,

    they wrote.

    “Thank you for your presence, warmth and openness to younger generations. We sincerely wish you a lot of health and joy. May each subsequent day bring you new touching meetings and conversations with loved ones. May everyday life be full of peace and warm relationships with family, neighbours and friends.”

    they added.

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