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    Tomasz Adamek Triumphs Over Mamed Khalidov at KSW Epic Due to Opponent’s Injury

    In an eagerly anticipated main event at KSW Epic, Tomasz Adamek emerged victorious against Mamed Khalidov in Gliwice. The bout, conducted under boxing rules, was abruptly decided due to a pivotal injury.

    Former world boxing champion, Tomasz Adamek, was seen as the favorite going into the fight against MMA specialist Mamed Khalidov. Adamek’s camp had expressed confidence in his preparation for the clash.

    The encounter, however, took an unexpected turn as Khalidov proved to be a formidable opponent, momentarily forgetting the boxing rules by taking Adamek down. After three rounds of intense competition, the scorecards showed a draw. Yet, the fight came to an unforeseen halt when Khalidov was unable to proceed to the fourth round due to an injury to his right hand, sealing Adamek’s victory under unforeseen circumstances.

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