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    Trends and Key Events in Polish Cuisine: A 2023 Review

    In the culinary landscape of Poland, 2023 was marked by a fusion of noteworthy events and evolving food preferences, shaping a year dominated by discussions, regulations, and changing consumer habits. A comprehensive study conducted by Glovo as part of the Glovo Delivered 2023 report shed light on the significant milestones and preferences in the Polish food scene.

    Regulations and Preferences

    Over 20% of Poles regarded the debate on food produced from insects as a pivotal event in 2023, showcasing a growing consciousness regarding food sources. Yet, the populace upheld grave concerns, prioritizing the ban on selling energy drinks to individuals below 18 years (37%) and maintaining a 0% VAT on food (32%). Notably, Polish preferences leaned towards vegetarian dishes and Asian cuisine, reflecting an evolving palate.

    Highlights of Culinary Choices

    The findings of the “Glovo Delivered 2023” survey divulged Poland’s foremost food-related events, dietary inclinations, and intriguing statistics on food and product deliveries.

    Polish citizens acclaimed the prohibition on selling energy drinks to under-18s as the paramount event of 2023 (37%). Equally significant were the 0% VAT on food (32%) and a notable surge in restaurant prices (25.5%).

    Approximately one in five Poles (22.3%) emphasized the debate on insect-produced food, while 24% highlighted the introduction of a deposit system in Poland.

    The Year of Vegetarian Cuisine

    The year distinctly embraced vegetarian cuisine in Poland, witnessing a 106% upsurge in delivered products within this category over the last 12 months. Simultaneously, the popularity of Asian cuisine soared by 70%.

    The highest single order recorded amounted to 38,000 zł. Impressively, a singular account placed a staggering 1061 orders in 2023. Notably, a user spent 77,000 zł throughout the year for a total of 981 orders.

    The most ordered dishes included pad thai, cheeseburger, and margherita pizza.

    Glovo’s foresight predicted a surge in home-delivered product categories. Despite food from restaurants (80%) and groceries (39%) dominating orders, other categories gained traction. Notably, 25% ordered express-delivered clothing and shoes, while over 20% opted for flowers and cosmetics.


    Photo added by Ella Olsson on Pexels

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