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    Triplets born premature in Lublin hospital: a story of joy and challenges

    Independent Public Clinical Hospital No 4 in Lublin has welcomed triplets for the second time this year. The premature babies, Oliwia, Zuzanna, and Mikołaj, were born in the 28th week of pregnancy and have been able to breathe independently, but still require oxygen support periodically in incubators. The girls weighed 1130 and 1000 grams respectively, while the boy weighed 1080 grams at birth.

    The parents of the triplets, Monika and Paweł, from the Lublin district, were shocked to learn that they were expecting triplets during their second ultrasound scan. The news was both surprising and overwhelming for the couple, but they expressed their happiness and gratitude for the blessing of their first children.

    The triplets are now being cared for by specialists at the hospital’s Neonatology and Intensive Newborn Therapy Department. The hospital is a clinical center of the highest, third-level reference in maternal and child care.

    For the babies to be discharged, they must weigh at least two kilograms and be vaccinated against tuberculosis and other diseases. The infants are currently being fed through a nasogastric tube and will need to learn to suckle, swallow, and breathe independently before they can be discharged.

    This is the second set of triplets to be born at the hospital this year, with the previous set being born in January to parents from Ukraine. The hospital’s specialists are pleased with the successful delivery of the triplets, which is especially significant in light of Poland’s low birth rate.

    The birth of triplets is always a significant event, but the safe delivery of these premature babies is especially noteworthy.

    We wish the parents and their new family all the best as they embark on their journey of parenthood.

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