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    Tusk Doesn’t Use His Veto – Accepts Three New EU Taxes

    The EU are introducing three new taxes that will generate tax income paid directly into the EU’s coffers giving the EU sovereignty over tax. Why didn’t Donald Tusk use his VETO to stop this?


    The European Union wants to impose three taxes on EU Member States, taxing:

    • the revenue from emissions trading (ETS)
    • the resources generated by the proposed EU carbon border adjustment mechanism (CBAM) &
    • corporate profits.

    In a meeting of the European Council in December, EU Member States unanimously agreed to accept the imposition of these taxes on EU Member States.


    Under the Law and Justice government, Poland’s position was clear: Poland would veto any attempt by the European Union to levy these taxes on Member States. However, once Tusk’s ruling coalition took power, one of the first things they did was abandon any attempt to protect Poles from extra taxation and approve the three new taxes. 

    PiS Chairman, Mariusz Błaszczak said:

    “In Poland, Tusk’s government – in destroying the rule of law – is providing cover for very dangerous processes concerning Poland’s future to take place which Donald Tusk and his coalition consent; namely, new EU taxes.”

    “These three new taxes will fill EU coffers at the expense of Member States, at Poland’s expense.”

    “Further, these taxes will result in Poland being disproportionately burdened when compared to wealthy Western European countries.”

    Speaking in Brussels, PiS Vice President and former Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki said:

    “The new Polish government has agreed to the three new EU taxes. Tusk’s willingness to accept these new EU taxes will be very costly for Poles. Money that should be going to the Polish state budget will now be transferred to Europe. This is clearly detrimental to Poland and detrimental for Poland.”


    There will be a clear cost to Poles and Poland due to these new taxes being levied both in having to pay extra and in less tax revenue going to Poland’s state treasury.

    PiS Chairman, Mariusz Błaszczak said:

    “Donald Tusk’s government has silently consented to this & there is media silence on this matter. We will ask Donald Tusk in the next session of parliament: why was PiS’ veto against these taxes withdrawn & what will be the costs of these taxes for ordinary citizens, for the state budget?

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