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    TV Republika Faces Allegations of Homophobia: Gay Journalist Responds

    In recent days, TV Republika has come under baseless attacks, with some companies accusing the station of promoting homophobia. Responding to these allegations, Editor Waldemar Krysiak addressed the issue, stating that the accusations against the station are “rude, dishonest, and despicable.”

    Krysiak, a journalist who is also a homosexual, emphasized that the accusations of homophobia against TV Republika amount to “rudeness and despicableness” during his on-air discussion of crimes committed by migrants in Germany. He argued that left-wing media outlets are suppressing such discussions. Krysiak stated, “As a homosexual man who has been a guest on TV Republika multiple times, I consider the allegations of homophobia, as well as all the evils advocated by the left, not only rude and dishonest but also despicable.”

    “Accusations from these companies are brazen”

    He also highlighted that among the companies currently attacking the station, there are those that have violated human rights for decades. Krysiak pointed out, “There is a company that exploited child labor for weaving carpets. There is a company that made furniture from trees in protected areas. There is a company that exploited political prisoners in the communist part of Germany in the 1980s.”

    “Accusations from such companies against TV Republika are brazen. I have been your guest many times and have enjoyed your invitations, and nothing wrong has ever happened to me on TV Republika. Similarly, every homosexual man I know, some of whom were your guests besides me, has never experienced anything negative with you. These accusations are absurd,” he emphasized.

    “Extremely left-wing ideology”

    According to Krysiak, “homophobia no longer means anything.” He explained, “If by homophobia we mean attacks on gays, beatings, or even an excessive obsession with the topic of homosexuality, we can agree that homophobia is a negative phenomenon. However, nowadays, homophobia means that we do not agree with LGBT activists.”

    “As a homosexual man, I understand and I am convinced that LGBT consists of both people and an ideology. Around people with different orientations, an ideology has emerged that is harmful. It is an extremely left-wing ideology,” he noted.

    TV Republika has been under attack for several days, with criticism intensifying after statements by Jan Pietrzak and Marek Król. In both cases, the station's authorities condemned the guests' remarks, distancing themselves from controversial content. Some companies are pulling their advertisements from TV Republika, baselessly accusing it of "homophobia, racism, and xenophobia," including prominent names such as mBank and Ikea.

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