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    Two Baby Penguins Hatch at Chorzów Zoo in August

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    Chorzów Zoo is celebrating the arrival of two adorable Humboldt penguin chicks that hatched in early August, as announced by Daria Kroczek, the spokesperson for the Silesian Zoological Garden.

    The gender of the newborns is yet to be determined through genetic testing, which means they are still awaiting their names. These little penguins, born on August 1st and 3rd, are the offspring of Peta and Mišo, two Humboldt penguins who have been residents of the Silesian zoo since 2020.

    Initially, the penguin parents took turns incubating the eggs in one of the outdoor exhibit’s caves. It was also in this location that the chicks hatched. In the first few weeks of life, the hatchlings were under the attentive care of their parents.

    As the young penguins grew, they attracted a lot of attention from other colony members. To provide them with peace and security, the caretakers decided to move them indoors, where they are currently housed in a breeding room. They are already eating fish independently, provided by their caregivers. Despite their soft, downy feathers, the chicks are not yet ready for the water, so they have not yet ventured into the pool, according to the Chorzów Zoo.

    The chicks remain unnamed until their gender is determined through genetic analysis. Blood samples have already been collected for this purpose. It’s worth noting that determining the gender of Humboldt penguins is challenging, requiring genetic testing to avoid errors.

    Chorzów Zoo welcomed the Humboldt penguins back in 2020, and the current colony consists of 16 penguins. Visitors can observe these captivating birds on the outdoor exhibit until late autumn.

    This new addition to the penguin family is undoubtedly an exciting development at Chorzów Zoo, and the anticipation of their official names adds an extra layer of excitement to the already heartwarming story.

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