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    U.S. Army Signs $1.5 Billion Deals with Nitro-Chem SA and Others to Boost Artillery Ammunition Production for Ukraine

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    The U.S. Army has entered into contracts worth $1.5 billion with nine companies, including Poland’s Nitro-Chem SA, to increase the production of 155mm artillery ammunition for Ukraine. This move is a crucial step in supporting Ukrainian forces engaged in ongoing conflicts with Russia, who face substantial ammunition shortages.

    Expanding International Presence

    Nitro-Chem SA, part of the Polish Armaments Group, is a major global player in explosives production, with a focus on materials like TNT used in ammunition manufacturing. The company is actively expanding its presence in international markets, including Bulgaria, Spain, France, Sweden, Portugal, Finland, Scandinavian countries, and various Asian nations.

    Nitro-Chem SA’s expertise and capabilities are paramount in meeting the demand for explosives required for the production of 155mm artillery ammunition. The U.S. Army relies on Nitro-Chem SA as a key supplier, underlining the company’s significance in the defense industry.

    Contract Details

    The agreements will be executed between 2023 and 2026, strengthening Nitro-Chem SA’s position and ensuring job security for its workforce. For Nitro-Chem SA, these contracts represent not only a substantial financial gain but also a reinforcement of their standing in the challenging global ammunition production market.

    These contracts demonstrate the commitment of the U.S. Army to bolster Ukraine’s capabilities in the face of ongoing conflicts. Nitro-Chem SA’s role as a key partner in this endeavor underscores its importance in the global defense industry.

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