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    Ukraine Suggests Halting Grain Exports to Poland

    Poland’s Agriculture Minister has stated that Ukraine has proposed to limit or even halt its grain exports to Poland. This comes as a potential blow to the country’s agricultural industry.

    Polish farmers are protesting the import of grain from Ukraine, claiming that companies in Poland have purchased it, leading to a dramatic price drop. The farmers allege that Ukrainian grain is cheaper than Polish grain, and should not be exported to a third country.

    Farmers across the nation are calling on the government to implement stricter regulations on imported goods. They argue that this would protect their industry and allow them to remain competitive in the global market.

    At a press conference in Dorohusk, southeastern Poland on Friday, Robert Telus stated that the Ukrainian side had proposed to severely curb or even completely stop grain imports to Poland for some time. Telus had met with his Ukrainian counterpart, Mykola Solskyi, prior to the conference.

    Telus announced that Ukrainian grain shipments will not be affected by crossing through Polish land.

    Ukraine will not export wheat, corn, rapeseed and sunflower seeds to Poland until the start of the new season, according to a statement from Solskyi, the Ukrainian Minister of Agriculture.

    “The situation is complex, both for Ukrainian and Polish farmers. We all understand who the culprit is, but we have to solve this problem,” he added.

    At a meeting with Telus, Solskyi stated that procedures for export restrictions will be discussed at their next gathering. Further, he emphasized that any exports must receive the approval of Poland.

    Ministers from Ukraine and Poland will meet to discuss the transit of Ukrainian grain through Poland, according to Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister, Pavlo Solskyi.

    Poland has opened its borders to Ukraine in response to the country’s export difficulties following the Russian invasion. This move will allow Ukrainian grain to be transported through Polish territory.


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