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    Ukrainian grain imports decline, minister reports

    Poland’s agriculture minister has reported a decline in the amount of Ukrainian grain imports into the country over the past two weeks. The announcement was made during a television interview on Tuesday.

    Polish farmers have expressed outrage over the import of grain from Ukraine, citing that the lower-priced grain has been bought up by Polish companies, leading to a dramatic decrease in the price of their own grain. The farmers have argued that instead of being exported to a third country, the Ukrainian grain should remain in Poland.

    Farmers urge increased regulation on imports

    Henryk Kowalczyk, the Minister of Agriculture, informed Polsat News that figures from the National Revenue Administration show a significant decline in the amount of Ukrainian grain imports over the past two weeks. He credited the decline to a grain control system, stating that the imports had dropped by three to four times.

    Polish farmers may soon have a new source of income, as the government is planning to buy their grain. Kowalczyk, a representative of the government, said the purchases would begin no later than April 12. Additionally, the Sejm is expected to pass a grant worth PLN 600 million (EUR 128 million) to finance the purchase of Ukrainian grain. This will provide farmers with a much-needed boost to their incomes.

    Polish officials have granted permission for Ukrainian grain exports to travel through Poland after the country’s export market was disrupted by Russia’s invasion.

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