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    Ukrainian Grain Spilled from Cars in Poland: Protesting Farmers Are Fed up

    Polish farmers have caused a stir by spilling Ukrainian grain from railway cars at the border, an incident that has drawn criticism from the Ukrainian Ambassador to Poland, Wasyl Zwarycz. The ambassador condemned the actions of the protesters and has called upon the police to address the situation, which has sparked controversy and highlighted the tensions between agricultural policies and the impacts of imported goods on local farming communities.

    The incident took place in Medyka, where demonstrators, discontent with the current state of agricultural policies, targeted several railway wagons loaded with grain and corn waiting for transit through Poland. Videos circulating on social media show groups of farmers congregating around the Ukrainian cars and releasing the contents through the open hatches, leading to significant losses of grain.

    In response to inquiries, Joanna Golisz, the press officer for the Przemyśl police, provided details about the escalation of the protest. According to Golisz, around 10:30 AM on Tuesday, a group of approximately 25 farmers moved from their initial gathering spot along national road number 28 to the nearby railway tracks that run parallel to the road. The protest has since intensified, with the number of participants swelling to around 250, accompanied by about 150 personal vehicles, a few trucks, and several agricultural tractors.

    The police noted that until Tuesday, the protesting farmers had been allowing one truck to pass in each direction. However, with the escalation of the protest, they have now ceased allowing any trucks through, predicting an increase in the backlog of vehicles awaiting passage.

    The farmers’ demands include the simplification and reduction of the requirements under the European Union’s Green Deal, a limitation on the influx of agricultural and food products from Ukraine, and measures to improve the profitability of agricultural production in Poland.

    This incident not only underscores the growing discontent among Polish farmers over the challenges posed by the importation of Ukrainian agricultural products that spoil the Polish market but also raises questions about the broader negative implications for the food industry in Poland, and the sustainability of farming practices within the EU framework.

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