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    Unlocking Academic Horizons: Poznań Universities Launch Innovative PoMost Program

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    In a groundbreaking move, the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań announced the commencement of student recruitment for its PoMost program on Wednesday. This initiative allows students enrolled at one of Poznań’s partner universities to pursue a selected course at another collaborating institution within the city.

    The PoMost program is open to individuals studying at partner universities who have completed their first year of undergraduate studies or the first semester of postgraduate studies. Participants can undertake a chosen course, excluding physical education and foreign languages, at a partner institution based on existing study programs.

    Agnieszka Książkiewicz, spokesperson for Adam Mickiewicz University, emphasized that this is the first such nationwide project, aiming to enhance students’ development opportunities and strengthen collaboration and integration among Poznań universities.

    The agreement for the PoMost program was signed in October 2023 by the authorities of various public universities in Poznań, including the University of Economics, Poznań University of Medical Sciences, and Poznań University of Technology.

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