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    US F-22 Raptors Return to Poland for Second Time

    On Tuesday, the Polish Defense Ministry reported that U.S. Air Force F-22 Raptor fighter jets have returned to Poland. The ministry stated that the aircraft had been sent to the country to increase its air defence capabilities.

    “The US Air Force’s F-22 Raptor fighters have landed in Poland,” Minister Mariusz Blaszczak wrote on Twitter.

    “One of the most state-of-the-art planes will cooperate with Polish pilots and will continue providing support on the Nato eastern flank,” Blaszczak said.

    US European and African Commands (USAFE-AFAFRICA) have announced that a rotation mission involving planes from the 94th Fighter Squadron from Langley-Eustis base in Virginia, USA, has been moved to Powidz, western Poland.

    Last October, US F-22 fighter jets were deployed to Poland as part of a NATO mission to bolster security in the region. The mission sought to protect the Baltic and Black Seas from potential air threats on the alliance’s eastern flank. The jets remained in Poland until the mission was complete.