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    Vast majority of Poles consider war in Ukraine as threat to national security 

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    More than three out of four Poles feel that the war in Ukraine threatens Poland’s security, a new survey has found.

    According to the CBOS poll, 78 per cent of the respondents said that the war endangered the country’s security (up 3 percentage points compared to last year), while 16 per cent felt the opposite.

    Moreover, 29 per cent believed the war would spread to other countries (up 1 pp), and 43 per cent said it would not escalate (up 1 pp).

    In the opinion of 73 per cent of those surveyed, Poland could depend upon its allies to help defend the country’s borders, while 20 per cent said they were not so sure this would happen.

    CBOS also asked the respondents if Poland should accept Ukrainian refugees from areas affected by the war. Twenty-six per cent of the surveyed said “definitely yes”, 53 per cent “rather yes”, 4 per cent “definitely not” and 11 per cent indicated “rather not”.

    Those surveyed were also asked if the support that Poland was providing to the refugees was satisfactory. Sixty-four per cent (a drop of 1 pp) noted it was “adequate”, 3 per cent said it was “more than enough” (up from 26 per cent to 29 per cent) and another 3 per cent said it was “too little”.

    The CBOS poll was carried out from November 29 to December 11 on a random sample of 1018 Poles.

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