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    German employer threatening Poles and claiming to be a Nazi walks free

    Natalia-Nitek Płażyńska has to publicly apologise to the German businessman Hans G. who she secretly recorded when he was threatening his Polish employees and slandering the Polish nation while identifying himself as a Nazi. That was the verdict given by the court in Gdańsk. Płażyńska intends to appeal the verdict.


    Płażyńska commented on the matter in the following way: “We have a situation where a German in Poland talks about murdering Poles and says that he’s a Nazi. I wanted to go to court with concrete evidence, because otherwise it would be my word against his. To my dismay, it was I who was sentenced to make a public apology and pay compensation as I supposedly violated the trust between an employer and employee. (flash) I have no intention of apologising to a man who calls himself a Nazi and talks about murdering Poles, nor do I intend to pay the fine. I will file a motion to dismiss to the Supreme Court and I hope it will work this time, since the trust towards the judicial system in Poland is already compromised enough as it is”.   

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