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    VictorioUS releases 3 short animated films about Polish cursed soldiers

    The aim of the ongoing educational project entitled “VictorioUS” (Polish: “ZwyciężaMY”) is to familiarize younger generations with the profiles of the cursed soldiers, as well as their contribution to the fight for Poland’s Independence. The culmination of the project will be the premiere of three short animated films.

    The Cursed Soldiers were soldiers of the post-war independence and anti-communist underground. Their mobilization was a response of the Polish society against the Soviet aggression and the communist authorities.

    As part of the project, three short animations will be shot using 3D technology, concerning the life and fights of cursed soldiers. The project is part of the 75th anniversary of the death of one of the most outstanding representatives of the Polish post-war independence and anti-communist underground – Stanisław Michał Sojczyński alias “Warszyca” and Henryk Antoni Flame alias “Grota/Bartek” celebrated this year.

    “It is estimated that all underground groups and organizations, today called cursed soldiers numbered about 120,000-180,000 people at that time. Their heroism and bravery in the fight against the Soviets are not properly exposed in the pages of our history and are often the so-called forgotten chapter. Through this project, we want to restore them to their rightful place in Polish history.”,

    said Michał Hasik, President of the Forum for Sustainable Technology Foundation.

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