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    Wielkopolski Congress of National Remembrance Begins in Poznań

    Join the Wielkopolski Congress of National Remembrance in Poznań for historical exhibits, multimedia presentations, and interactive experiences on June 18, 2024.

    On June 18, 2024, the Wielkopolski Congress of National Remembrance will commence at the Poznań Congress Center, located within the Poznań International Fairgrounds. The event runs from 09:30 to 19:00 and is free to attend with prior ticket collection from

    Exhibit Highlights

    The main exhibition, “Trails of Hope: The Odyssey of Freedom,” is an international educational project commemorating the military efforts of the Polish Armed Forces during WWII and the civilian population evacuated from the USSR with General Anders’ army. The exhibit showcases the heroism of Polish pilots in the Battle of Britain, soldiers at Tobruk, Narvik, and Monte Cassino. A virtual globe with interactive controls will allow visitors to explore the routes taken by Poles during the war.

    Interactive Archive Zone

    The archive zone on the ground floor features a spatial installation of the “Archive Full of Memory” project, using multimedia and reproductions of historical documents, photos, and family memorabilia. Visitors can browse 3D images of fascinating artifacts and watch short films about remarkable donations. A multimedia presentation will highlight the stories of Greater Poland’s heroes, utilizing archival materials received from donors. The discussion titled “Towards Freedom: Solidarity in Greater Poland and Lubusz Land” will feature Janusz Pałubicki, a key organizer of the region’s Solidarity movement.

    Additionally, the congress will feature IPN exhibitions, an educational zone, a new technology area, an IPN bookstore, a children’s play “Bear Wojtek”, and much more.

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