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    Winter break 2024 with culture – National Maritime Museum in Gdańsk

    Artistic, dance, theatrical, historical, weaving, calligraphy, and photography workshops, multimedia exhibitions, various themed activities, film screenings, theatrical performances, educational games and animations, concerts – these are just some of the offerings prepared for the winter holidays by museum and artistic institutions led and co-led by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. From January 15 to February 25, over 80 institutions will be implementing a special program for children and youth. We invite you to explore the rich offerings and take advantage of the opportunities for shared activities.

    National Maritime Museum in Gdańsk

    Winter holidays by the sea are a perfect opportunity for both relaxation and exploring new horizons, and above all, for gaining unforgettable experiences! During this year’s winter break, educators from the National Maritime Museum (NMM) have prepared workshops for children, youth, and adults. The museum invites families with children and organized groups from January 15 to February 23 to its branches in Gdańsk, Tczew, Kąty Rybackie, and Gdynia.

    GDAŃSK: Granaries at Ołowianka and Maritime Culture Center Dates: Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays – 11:00 AM Registrations:


    • Sand Castles (Maritime Culture Center) – age group: 5-13 years


    • On the Sailor’s Trail (Granaries at Ołowianka) – age group: 6-14 years
    • What about this water? (Maritime Culture Center) – age group: 8-12 years


    • Journey to the Depths of the Baltic Sea (Granaries at Ołowianka) – age group: 10-14 years
    • Building Ships! (Maritime Culture Center) – age group: 8-12 years

    GDYNIA: Museum Ship “Dar Pomorza” Workshop Dates: (Tuesday – Friday) January 23 – February 23 – 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM Registrations: Age group: Children from 6 years with guardians, adults

    TCZEW: Vistula Museum and Shipwreck Conservation Center Workshop Dates: January 15 – February 23 – 9:30 AM and 11:00 AM Registrations: or tel. 58 761 75 31 Age group: 7-12 years Workshop themes: Painted on Glass; Floating on Water, What’s It Called?

    KĄTY RYBACKIE: Vistula Lagoon Museum Activities take place from Monday to Friday. Registrations: Age group: Children (with parents) from 6 years Workshop themes: Be Eco! (January 29 – February 9); Family Tour (January 15 – February 23)

    Workshops for organized groups – On the Ropemaking Track (January 15 – February 23)

    Detailed information about the workshops is available on the website: link

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