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    Winter’s Wrath: Thousands in Northern Poland Struggle Amid Power Outages

    Icy conditions have plunged the northern regions of Poland into turmoil, leaving approximately 4,000 households without electricity. Yesterday, the entire area grappled with significant disruptions across roadways, railways, and air traffic, all due to the onslaught of freezing rain.

    The Polish Institute of Meteorology and Water Management (IMGW) has sounded first-level weather alerts across the entire country, cautioning residents about icy conditions and freezing precipitation. Urging vigilance, most of Poland is advised to tread carefully on slippery sidewalks and roads, bracing for potentially hazardous conditions looming in the hours ahead.

    However, the situation is especially precarious in the Warmia-Masuria region and select areas in the Tatra and Beskid Mountains. In these regions, IMGW has elevated alerts to the second level, indicating meteorological events that pose substantial risks to life and property. These alerts remain in effect until Thursday evening or early Friday morning.

    Meanwhile, rail services in Pomerania bore the brunt of today’s challenges, enduring significant delays with some trains lagging behind by several hundred minutes. For example, the Slupsk to Malbork train faced a staggering delay of over 300 minutes, while the Malbork to Gdynia route encountered comparatively fewer disruptions.

    The ongoing wintry onslaught hasn’t just deprived households of power; it’s also thrown critical transportation networks into disarray, presenting daunting hurdles for residents and travellers alike. Authorities stress the importance of continued vigilance and readiness in the face of these adverse weather conditions, urging people to stay updated through official channels and exercise caution while navigating affected areas.

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